Paste and Replace Not Working

The paste and replace command isn’t working as expected. The issue happens both when using the edit menu and the command+shift+R keyboard shortcut. What ends up being pasted is either an empty text box or all the text contained in the copied frame merged into one text box.

Here’s a screen recording of the issue

Figma web application
Browser: Chrome 115.0.5790.114
Platform: Mac OS 12.4

In Chrome’s site settings, Figma has permission to access the clipboard.

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@LauraPierson I took a look at your recording, and attempted to replicate it on my end. I wasn’t running into the same issue.

I was able to copy + paste to replace using both keyboard shortcuts and right-click menu as expected. If you clear your cache/cookies for just Figma, does that seem to help?

If you are able to, can you try copy + pasting to replace on our desktop app? Would be good to know if this is replicating across different places.

@ksn I tried clearing my browser’s cache/cookies and disabling all browser extensions. Interestingly, I found that once the site settings were reset, choosing to block Figma from seeing content copied to the clipboard fixed the issue. When I reset the site settings again and clicked “allow” for the prompt to let Figma “see text and images copied to the clipboard,” the issue occurred again. Seems backward. I’d expect allowing Figma to see the clipboard would fix the issue, not cause it.

Here’s a screen recording of the steps I went through.


@LauraPierson I just experienced the same exact behavior as you explained.

@Brent_Carlin Did my odd fix of blocking Figma from accessing the clipboard in Chrome’s site settings fix it for you?