Override auto layout direction on the instances

Currently, if you create a component with auto-layout the directions (vertical or horizontal) are locked on the children of the parent component. When we need to change directions, we have to detach components. Only other way is to create multiple variants with different directions. It would be nice if we could simply change the auto-layout directions on child components when being pulled in design files.


Also, being able to rearrange the layers in instances would be great so we’re more flexible and don’t have to create component duplicates with minimal changes.

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This request was posted earlier on the forum. Please vote for this idea here: Override auto layout direction on the instances.


Thanks @tank666, voted!

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Thanks for the feedback, All!

We’ve merged a couple of topics together with similar feedback. We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

Hey @dvaliao, just curious incase “we” are missing something, but is there any place the community can track the progress of feature requests? If not, do you have any idea if this was added as for some reason I remember having seen this working but it’s not working anymore. My wishful brain playing tricks maybe!

Hey @Sowed_Castelli, thanks for asking!

This is definitely something that our team here in the community has mentioned before and continually ask for from our product teams, but an official feature request timeline has not been implemented yet.

If/when that happens, we’ll be sure to make an official announcement.

Add me to the “this seems so valuable it’s silly” pile. Being able to change flow direction would drastically simplify the component set needed to cover all screen sizes and layouts, and even tightly match a bunch of existing HTML/CSS paradigms. Win win!

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+1 to the “this seems so valuable it’s silly”. Building out a set of components and was shocked to see you can’t change the auto layout direction on an instance.

Would love this! So much nicer to just have one component (with one reference for content) that works on both desktop and mobile desisn :frowning: