Override auto layout direction on the instances

Hello Figma!

I can not change the direction of the Autolayout on the instances of a component. I can not understand why such a great feature is disabled on the instances and why not allow us to overwrite it?

There are so many incidents that I would have wished to be able to change the direction of the Autolayout in the instances of the component but right now I have to create multiple variants. :frowning:


Here is an screenshot

Can’t believe nobody even commented on this. Can’t think of a reason why it’s disabled, please make this a feature.

It would be great to have this option.

I have to create a useless variant for every time I like to change the direction of the Autolayout. This effort could be saved if Figma allows the instance auto-layout direction overwrite.

As you can see in the below screenshot, I had to create a direction variant to be able to change the direction of the instance but the downside of this workaround is that I have multiple source of truth for the same component.

I agree with you guys, will be awesome to have this override enabled =(

I thought we would be enabled to override the instances after watching the Figcon yesterday. It is such a tiny feature request but it has a lot of impact on my design workflow.

Hi guys, how ya doing?

I have the same problems with auto-layout to create responsive components and change the direction of the desktop, for example, thinking about this problem and not creating unnecessary components, I´m creating the content for mobile and for desktop hiding one of the groups. Make sense?

I wonder why you cannot rearrange elements if the autolayout is/is part of a component. It would save lots of time and clicks, having to switch between the component and the design you’re currently working on.

This should definitely be supported. Like a button group will be horizontal on desktop and on mobile will be vertical. So i need to make a variant just for this?

I could swear this was working fine before and its been removed but maybe my memory is wrong.

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I only started working in figma since January this year, but I too recall that this was possible and then changed with one of the last big updates.

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