Open Figma links inside the app

It would be great to have the ability to open a shared Figma link somewhere in the app. Maybe on the home page.

The working process implies sharing the content. If it’s one team, they can easily tag each other in Comments and be happy.
However, we may also share the Figma links in such places as JIRA or other.

In that case, when you click on the link in a browser, you have it opened in a browser. Yes, you can switch using the ‘open in app’ button. But it’s not so convenient when you have a bunch of links.

I’d propose having an input field on the home page, where we could paste the link(s), and they would have been opened in a new tab(s).

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You can also open a file in an application from the clipboard.


That option has stopped working in Chrome.

I managed to fix it by opening a link in Safari and then it showed me the open in Figma message ‘Open in Desktop app’ option. I selected the open in app options with always box checked.

Now when I click on the same link in Chrome it redirects as it used to the desktop top app.

Some Mac OS Sonoma issue I suspect.

The Safari trick was required for me as well.

  • Open link in Safari
  • Login to Figma
  • Close and reopen the desktop app
  • Refresh the Safari page, and I received the prompt to open in Figma app
  • Approved, then verified that opening the link in Chrome successfully opens the app now