Why don't Figma links open in the App? Why do they open in the browser?

Hi @jamiegraydesign ,
By default, when you click on a Figma link, Figma will open the link in the browser.

If you want to open all Figma URLs in the desktop app, you can enable the Open links in desktop app setting. You can find this in your Preferences .

Please remind you can only access this setting if:

  • You have the desktop app installed
  • You are using the browser version of Figma. This setting isn’t available in the desktop app.
  1. Open the Capture d’écran 2023-09-14 à 11.59.21 menu and hover over the Preferences option.
  2. Select the Open links in desktop app setting.
  3. A checkmark will be displayed next to the setting to show it is enabled. If there is a check next to the the setting already, you can select the setting again to disable it.

Hope it helps!