Only owners/admins to grant editor status + new editor seat(s) warning

We had to migrate files across different accounts. The only way we found possible was to add the origin account as editor and transfer the files and ownership. Anything else resulted in losing edit privileges during the process.

A month later, we get a notice that we owe 15$.

During the interaction of adding another editor, we never got any feedback from Figma about that costing an extra 15$.

Now, we got a ticket about the issue but, as usual, it delays days to be handled (another drawback that needs to be addressed).

Last but not least, even the editor account that was paid for one year in advance is now locked.

This is not the best way you can do this. You need to provide feedback to the users when they come across an interaction implies an additional charge (yes, even if it’s somewhere documented). Instead of suspending editors, make the add editor interaction prepaid (like it normally is when you get the first editor), so that you don’t prevent paid editors from using the service, which is not a proper because those editors were paid.


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Now it is way too easy to add editors unintentionally and there is no warning about extra change for each one of them. I understand that it’s very beneficial for the company but not very friendly for designers, especially freelancers that are working with different external teams. I’m keeping getting charged for people I accidentally gave editing rights some time ago.

I’d suggest:
a) to make a warning before one user gives another editing rights to reduce the number of mistakes. Just to interrupt the flow for a second and remind them that adding editors is not free.
b) easier access to the member’s page. Now I can see contributors on the right panel, but to edit the list I have to dig inside the workspace, member tabs. Why not combine them?


Our team account’s annual charge has been ballooning because we’ve “unknowingly” added editors to the account.

When inviting people to view a Figma file it is very simple to change a user’s status from viewer to editor but there’s no indication that in doing so you are adding team member license in the process. This “checkout” process feels very misleading and has caused team admins to add multiple subscriptions without realizing it.

Please add clear message for each time you change users permission so that it’s obvious that an additional charge will take place when a team member’s status is changed.


Hey! The same thing happened to me last year and just now! I received a 45$ for three viewers than became editors without me knowing or allowing!

Figma last year only refunded me 50% of a few months of an extra editor. Smh

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I have exactly the same problem. Was your problem resolved?

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Hi Aggie. Nothing at the time it seems. :pensive: But I was a part of an onboarding survey a few months ago that seemed to be looking into this issue… so maybe a change will be coming in the future…

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This situation happened with my team two times and it’s always for the same reason.

+100 upvoted for this topic!

Dear Figma, it’s a very client-unfriendly choice to allow that extra seats can simply be added by any editor. Honestly I can only explain this as a way to rake in money, hoping that your clients will not pay attention to their bill. It is definitely not a proper way to manage licenses, this could be made so much more mature. Just look at any other SAAS solution out there.

Most companies simply can’t have each editor be an admin entitled to make additional costs. I’d strongly advise to consider building in at least a proper notification of the costs when an editor is added or invited . And preferably even a formal acceptance request sent to an administrative/billing/admin contact within the account. There’s so many ways to make this better.

Please, consider this. It’s one of the very few topics where we consider Figma to be immature. For the rest, we absolutely love your solution.



Yeah same here,
Editor copying a file from somewhere else and hup an other extra paid user was added.
We have some yearly accounts and now I already had to explain to mngmnt where those extra fees came from, Figma is building a reputation.

I think in EU (and Figma have lot of customers in EU), it is not allowed business practices. Specialy if you are a freelancer who buy not a custmer.

Maybe someone can help with Customer Law protection? Consumer rights directive | European Commission

Dear Figma please clearly indicate that adding additional editor in file will cot you additional money. Specialy in situation when you have subscription for a year, with speceal seats.


I can not stress this issue enough. Right now we have zero control over who is giving whom editor rights which causes a lot of overhead on our end - time wise (by regularly evaluating the members list) and financially.

Addressing the lack of any control features over the possibility to create additional costs should be a top-prio topic on your end.

Thank you and regards


You guys should also vote for this one:

completely agree. Furthermore, two people we accidentally added and are being charged for as editors have already paid for Figma on their own. So I think figma may be getting paid $15/mo twice for these guys.

We have an Figma Enterprise License and around 8 users. We work with other agencies and clients. They have Figma licenses of their own.

However when we want to collaborate on a file, we have to pay a full editor licenses fee for each user we want to collaborate with, even though they are already paying for it them selves?

When we want to edit in their files they have to pay for us. I can’t get this to make sense.

Surely Figma is designed to make collaboration easier?


I’m facing the same problem… very frustrating.

I gave a user editor permission instead of Viewer by mistake, and I realized it only when an invoice popped up on the top of my screen. A Simple confirmation prompt when we add an editor that is unpaid for can solve this.


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For the love of God, please put a warning if you’re gonna charge for new editor seats. A client agreed to pay $30/month for two seats just to discover a $180 bill … this is very shady.

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I just realized I lost a ton of money on this!!! And Figma will not even get back to me. Unreal! I loved everything about this platform until now