Nested property hidden with multiple selection

Been playing around with the “expose nested properties” feature currently in beta.
One of the great uses of variant properties is the ability to batch edit property values on multiple selected components. That use doesn’t carry over to exposed nested properties (yet I hope).

Demo file to help

When selecting one component instance exposing nested properties, said properties display fine. Add another instance of the same component to your selection (using Shift+Click), and the nested properties outright disappear from the right panel.

I haven’t seen this issue raised elsewhere! Do you experience it too?


Just discovered this issue too! Hope it fill be fixed as it doesn’t make sense to manually edit each instance because of this.

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I’d love to see this added as well. Definitely a gap in the feature.

+1. I have the same issue/request.

+1 Loving the nested properties, but this is a major pain at the moment