Expose nested instances -> at property level

With the new update, we have a great new feature, but unfortunately, it’s not usable with our component structure.
Exposing all props of a nested instance also exposes props that we don’t want in the context of the consuming component.

What if we could also select which properties to expose? This would lead to a cleaner sidebar with only valid props.


+1 Same Problems! We need the possibility to hide props we don’t want to export for our users.


+1 from me too, very much needed and it would be such a game changer in our DS. Hope this will be possible at some point!


+1, is really needed!


+1, this is really needed.


Same here. The feature is a very good start, but to make it really usable it should be possible to choose which properties from nested components should be exposed / or not in a specific context. Currently it’s everything or nothing. But everything might be too much.


I agree with Harald. It is important to choose which properties from nested components should be exposed / or not in a specific context :rocket:


Same. I think it is necessary to implement this improvement, in Sketch this option worked exactly like this

100% this. I had this exact same thought yesterday. I’m also glad to hear that I wasn’t misremembering that this is an option in Sketch.

+1 currently I am not able to use this feature in many cases because it surfaces too many options and only few are needed on the component level.

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Managing nested instance in a complex table component makes the table component itself unusable. You approach is simple and fix this issue +1

+1 - need capabilities to expose selected properties from within our nested instances. Cannot use this feature without it.


I’m running into this limitation, too. Being able to expose properties from nested instances is the right direction, but I need to be able to selectively expose properties, rather than an all-or-nothing toggle.


Replying to keep this alive. Our group would love this feature, as something like tabs or lists with nested components becomes such a massive list that they’re not usable.

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Agree. It is vital to be able to mark props as private/public or simply specify which of nested components’ props should propagate to their parent.

+1, we really need this.

Keeping the thread alive, +1!