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Need a way to find Missing Library components/styles

Oh cool thanks. The main thing still is we wanna replace those rogue items, not just ignore them.

And yeah I know you didn’t work for Figma, but thought you were helping moderate these forums. :sweat_smile: Sorry!

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Same issue. Cannot find any of the ‘missing’ styles. I’ve checked everything: hidden layers, unions and subtracts, I’ve managed to reduce the number of the the ghosts, but still have some, and it drives me crazy.

I am also getting some cases where a match is found. Yet when I click Swap library the old style persists.

What’s interesting for me, is my missing library has similar names of styles or components (not exact) to my active/current library. Yet it won’t let me swap them (the option is disabled.) :disappointed:

This is a hack, but I was having a ton of trouble finding some rogue styles that were missing. They didn’t show up with any plugins. I was able to find them by running:

figma.currentPage.findAll(n => {
    var style = figma.getStyleById(n.effectStyleId);
    if (style) {
        if ( === "[ style name you're looking for]") {
            figma.currentPage.selection = [n];

in console on each page. As long as you know the style name you should be able to find the layers this way.

You can do this with text styles, fill styles, effect styles, etc


Oh, cool! I will definitely try this out. Always fun to fiddle with the console (when you know how :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

Update: @Pete_Lada I tried it out but appears to get no results? This is what I see:

for this:


Are you sure its an effect style? Like is this a fill style (color?)

Oh!! :thinking: Good question. Maybe what I’m seeing (in the screenshot above) is actually an Effect style? Is that what you’re asking?

If it is an Effect, can I change the code snippet to find effects instead of fills?

The snippet you linked is specifically looking for effect style names. You can change that bit to fillStyleId or textStyleId to find the names of those style types instead

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Ohhhh! I see what you mean, thanks for pointing that out. Appreciate it.

As a workaround, Style Organiser helps to locate linked styles on the board. This is particularly good if your Library is made of local components, as remote styles are highlighted.

The plugin is Style Organiser (by SHOPEE SINGAPORE PRIVATE LIMITED)

Hi All, I’ve tried to hunt down a missing set of components that triggers the missing library feature as well, and have not tracked it down yet. In my case these were components that I moved to two different locations. While that should not be a problem now in Figma, I constantly have to “Review/Dismiss” updates that never happened in my component library. We should be able to track “orphans” and get a way to deal with them I think. Cheers.

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Hmm no results still, weird.

“Orphans” is a good word for them. I like that.

I tried all kinds of plugins that were mentioned above and I still couldn’t find where these “rogue styles” are. I’m using a design token generator and it included the rogue styles. A bit annoying if I have to manually remove them from the codes.

+1 - the way it currently works is tedious at the most. Finding missing elements isn’t an easy task and replacing them is impossible. Force matching them with another existing component/style would do it for me. I have 3 missing colours which I can’t find which drives me crazy. All plugins tried - no success, these 3 colours keep popping up.