Need a better way to view my open FigJam boards

Would really appreciate a better way to view all my open FigJam boards. Something like Safari’s tab overview. Triggered by a keyboard shortcut, shows a thumbnail of open boards, searchable, click to hop into a board. Right now I only see a few characters on the tabs. Not easy to find the right tab when all I can see is “Page”, “PROD”, “Codin”, “Patte”, “Focus”, “Elabo”, “Resea”. Little help?

Is this the product of having too many tabs open at the same time?

Definitely a result of having many tabs open. I wouldn’t characterize it as “too many” though. Working with a lot of teams across the org, many of whom (and rising) are collaborating in FigJam. Which causes issue #2: The difficulty of label files in a meaningful way with very few characters. Providing folders helps some, but in-the-moment / when jumping from virtual meeting to meeting to meeting, it doesn’t solve the problem of immediately finding the board we’re using for this meeting that I was working in a couple hours ago.

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