Multiple interactions not possible?

Once a prototype interaction is triggered, all of the other interactions on the page stop working.

Hi @Tom_Sebright-King is it a specific interaction or flow which you trigger that ends up blocking other interactions?

Hi Ryan,

I have a component with a hover interaction.

The hover triggers an overlay.

The component that appears as the overlay then has an interaction set, which is a click.

The click triggers another overlay.

The above is simulating a burger menu.

Once the above interactions have run, buttons further down the page do not have their hover actions work. Nor does the burger menu revert to its original state (pre roll over)

@Ryan_52 any thoughts on the above

Hi @Tom_Sebright-King sorry for the delay here.

Overlays are basically a popup window which block interactions from its parent frame until the popup window is closed. From the steps you’ve outlined it sounds like you are opening multiple overlays on top of each other and I would suggest instead of the click interaction from the first overlay to open a second overlay you instead set the click interaction to swap the overlay. This allow syou to keep the existing setting while you swap one overlay for another.

You can read a little more here on this.