Multiple Flows Should Have Different Device Frames

I frequently present prototypes for desktop and mobile in the same meeting . For this reason, the ability to set Prototype Device Settings by frame would allow me to do so seamlessly, without having to stop, and reset the setting from mobile to desktop.

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Yep, it would be nice to see this fixed.

This idea is from 2021! Still needing it every day.

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Hi everybody. I haven’t read every comment on this thread but I have found a workaround that I like and have been using for several projects. I still would like devices sizes for each flow… but, try this out!

Figma does let you set prototype devices per “page”. Here’s a screenshot of what I do for each project file now. I set up mobile and desktop pages that contain only those device size prototypes, then I assign the corresponding prototype device for each page. You can setup a master Figma file that you duplicate every time you start a new project if you want. I hope this helps some people!


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Great input, @Josiah_Pierce. Thanks for the input. We appreciate your input!

We design desktop and mobile screen in the same page and use the Custom Size setting to show our prototype (to overcome the fact that Figma can still not handle different devices for different flows…), the problem is that the Prototype option Fit Width is not available for some obscure reason. Therefore we MANUALLY add &scaling=scale-down-width to the URL to have it working and to have a proper link to share with client.

Would it be possible to just display it in the Option dropdown like for the Presentation setting?

We need this! :sob:

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A solution we use:
• Custom device frame for desktop (1440 x 900px)
• Insert a rectangle the same hex value as your prototype background
• Size rectangle to your mobile width and the difference between 900px and your mobile height (900 – 736 = 164px)
• Set rectangle to fixed position
• Extend page frames by 164px at bottom so this rectangle can hide there once scrolled to bottom of page

+1 New to Figma and loving it but already running into the need for this feature as my team designs for different viewports on the same page. Also seems like the new variables feature supports this concept by allowing you to assign your variable modes (mobile, desktop, etc) to a specific frames on the same page. Would be great to treat the device prototypes the same way.

+1 This would be a superb feature!

Still nothing? :frowning:

+1, Need this feature, we have to use other applications for this feature. :no_mouth:

+1 need this urgently

Come on Figma! this is must-have feature

+1 Need this feature! I’m surprised its taking this long to implement!

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yeah Figma, bring it in!