Missing font in interactive components. iOS Mirror App

As soon as the interactive components begin to animate, the font of the text changes in the ios 14.5 mirror app.


i have a problem , did you solve it too ?

The problem persists

Same problem with the Android app and the Interactive Components beta - this used to work fine but now I get a “Some missing fonts were replaced” message if I have text inside an interactive component.

I have same problem

Same for me! Also in the beta mobile app

Same for me! The beta mobile app ios

+1 same issue. Interactive component on Android app. Figma mirror initially displays correct font weight. After interaction font weight changes inexplicably and does not go back to correct font weight. Fonts display correctly throughout interactions in local and web client preview.

any followup from figma on this yet? this is majorly screwing up my testing prototypes :confused:

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Do you know when we can look forward to seeing this update pushed?

Happens to me too, I can change the font when mirroring the frame and it updates to the correct font, but then when I navigate away it breaks again

+1 Still have the problem with some components but not all

+1, anyone found a solution yet? SF Pro Display is causing the issue on the iOS mirror for me.

Update: Used SF Pro instead.