Missing “fix position when scrolling” option under Constraints section Figma

Missing “fix position when scrolling” option under Constraints section Figma. I thought there was something wrong with my project, but Even when I created a new project, “fix position when scrolling” is still missing. I sent contact support about 1 month ago but Figma didn’t reply to me.


Hi once check the The “Fix position when scrolling” option under the Constraints section in Figma is only available for frames with a scrolling behavior. If you don’t see this option, it’s likely because you haven’t enabled scrolling for the frame. Here’s how to enable scrolling

  1. Select the frame you want to enable scrolling for

  2. In the Properties panel on the right side of the screen, click on the “Prototype” tab

  3. Under “Overflow Behavior,” select “Vertical scrolling” or “Both” if you want both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

  4. Once you’ve enabled scrolling, the “Fix position when scrolling” option should become available under the Constraints section.

If you’ve already enabled scrolling and the option is still not available, try restarting Figma or checking for updates to see if there are any bug fixes or updates available. If the issue persists, you can reach out to Figma’s support team for further assistance.
Thank you


yeess, OMG I just found out :sob:. I forgot there was some update for it. Anyway, thank you! :sparkling_heart:


Haha, 100% agree. Usually, we just gotta tick the box, but now we gotta click like a bunch of times :face_holding_back_tears:

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Hi, I’m having the same issue since the new update. I’m only given scroll behavior options for overflow but nothing for positioning. Is there a solution for this? Super frustrating!

Thanks in advance

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Hey Amy. You have to select inside the frame. This is the wrong example.

This is the right example



I am trying to make a component scrollable (not a frame). I am setting the father layer to be scrollable; then inside the component I have a header (another component) and an auto-layout with the content. I am trying to make the header of that component fixed, but that option shows as disabled; the option I can select is sticky, but that is not allowing the rest of the content in the component to scroll. Do you know what I am doing wrong? Help!!

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Try setting the header component as “absolute positioned” in the design tab

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Hi. I’ve done the exact thing you mentioned. Set the parent frame to “Both” Scrolling. Clicked on a layer (a group) inside that frame. But no option under the prototype tab appears. It is nowhere. Auto-layout has also been disabled. I don’t know what’s wrong.

The parent frame is set to scrolling in both directions

Hi, fabiola. I’m so sorry for late respond. Have you solve your problem from what @Jacopo_Marrone replied?

hi, arjama. maybe you can put the bottom bar out and put it back. this problem happened to me a few times too. perhaps its a bug

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I managed to make that option appear by changing that bottom bar to a frame. Does it not work for other layers like group?

there should be no problem whether you use a group or a frame. is the problem solved by changing it to a frame?

Yes, when I changed it to a frame, then the problem got solved

good! glad to hear :raised_hands:t2:

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