Locking Component Instances from updates if Component is changed or updated

I am new to Figma and Learning to create my own sharable Library… I am creating components and have to iterate over them couple of times… as I am still learning to optimize them.

I need a way to test my Components over the iteratation.
This will help being able to verify changes by creating a new instance from the updated component and then verify it with the locked version.

Definitely, we can do it by creating duplicate components and then creating instances(2) from it… and then detaching one of the instance… so that you can always rollback to your last reference. … But, this is cumbersome if your component has variants and other properties… So you have to do it for all possible combinations.

It would be great if we could lock the instances, or instances of components within the frames/sections so they no longer reflect Main Component updates.
And when you Unlock them… it should ask for Review if changed … Keep Original instance… or update Main Component Reference.

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Hey Kamal, thank you for your feedback! I’ve merged your request with a similar one. Please don’t forget to upvote the main post.