Lock an instance of a component so it's not affected by updates

We maintain a single design file for a feature and iterate within it. It would be helpful if once a design is complete, we could lock the frames, or instances of components, within the frames so they no longer receive component updates.

Being able to reference previous versions of a design is critical for us, and the way libraries work right now breaks this.

(edited to be more clear - locking instances of components)

Wouldn’t detaching the components solve this? You could also add a note somewhere on the page that refers people to the latest version of the various components so they can refer to them as necessary.

Yeah, that would be how we could do it now, but it becomes pretty time consuming…

There do seem to be plugins that could help with this (detaching all components / sub-components).

It’s a good thought, thank you @RizePoint_Product

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