LAUNCHED: Wrap elements in Auto Layout to multiple lines

I would love to see a full flex-layout implementation, including the ability to set grow, shrink and flex-basis values.


+1 for this to be implemented


Adobe XD has something with a similar behaviour called Repeat Grid, which can be vertical and horizontal at the same time. If the Repeat Grid could be combined with Auto-Layout that would be amazing.


Repeat grid is a completely different behavior that what is specified here.


I believe that the official implementation of the UX of this plugin will solve everything.

Reproducing it with a hack is not realistic because there is a risk that some update will disintegrate the figma files.
I don’t understand why they defined the master component as a variants element, not only for the way Autolayout is implemented, but also for the variants feature.
It is reasonable to define the instance as a variants element and configure it with overrides


Can confirm that this plugin works great! :heart_eyes:


+1 !!!

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This plugin is godlike. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip.

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I need to know how to achieve this :astonished:

+1 this feature would be amazing

Looking for this functionality as well. Native wrapping elements in auto-layout.

It would also mimic flexbox much better which should be the goal imo.

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I believe this is essential behaviour. We really do need this.

+1 This feature is sorely needed. Plugins help in some cases, but you can’t really rely on them when building a design system with components.

+1 on this - needed ASAP

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I think there would have to be two options for wrapping, one for columns and one for rows (like in css using flex-flow with column wrap and row wrap).


+1 badly needed
I have encountered twice already in just two weeks of using Figma. ≈

+1 for this feature. I hit this limitation all the time. The plugin mentioned above works well, but true flex-box functionality would be great. cheers!

+1 please we deserve this feature, none of your competitors do it either I think, it would be yet another reason to join your forces ! :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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+1 need this!!!

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