🔥 Biscuit's Figma Design Challenge S02

Ditto. Nice work @Mr.Biscuit! I was stumped for a couple of hours and still didn’t get anywhere. You dropped a hint in the #4 video and it still didn’t help. :laughing:

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Challenge #1: Carousel Infinito

I’ve done it but didn’t spend time placing it into some design because it’s time consuming — you need to copy-paste and relink everything… Agree with @Andrei_Iancu:

By portable, I understand 1 “component → instance” which is not possible right now…


I actually made this challenge in 2 ways:

1. Navigate to with Push:

This one is much easier to create, expand the sliders and to change content.
You just have to make the connections on the new layers. (or wait for interactive components :sweat_smile: )

2. Swap overlay with Smart Animate

This one can be copy/paste anywhere (or almost anywhere) and use Open Overlay.
On this version I find it harder to increase the number of slides or maybe there is a hack or sorcery there. :sweat_smile:


Oh… I’ve noticed a hint to the second solution in the original video and only now I got the full idea. :thinking:
This is a really nice timesaver! I don’t see problems with adding new slides but let’s wait till the end of the Challenge )

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Congratulations! :confetti_ball: :balloon: We have 3 more participants @ziyue @Solo_Cube @Andrei_Iancu cracked the first challenge, it takes a lot of courage and perseverance, all of you did a great job on this one! :raised_hands:

And yeah @Andrei_Iancu 's second solution is similar to mine, I used swap overlays as well, and componentized all slides down to the atomic level, so changes to Main can be reflected in all instances.

Although the best solution will be with the upcoming component interaction feature, we still gained a lot from our explorations, most tricks we learned through the experience will be carried into component interaction.


Great challenge @Mr.Biscuit! There’s my take :sweat_smile:

Challenge 1: Carousel

Challenge 2: Inline Tags

Challenge 3: Grid

Challenge 4: Wrap
I’m trying to figure out this one :thinking:


Perfect! Your implementation for Challenge #2 is way smoother than mine, and it also works on a single line. I am so very astonished.

Thus I am pleased to announce :
@andre has achieved the Legendary Success :trophy: on Challenge #2.
:partying_face: Congratulations! @andre :confetti_ball:


Have you published this? Looks awesome and something I’d use all the time.

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Need Tutorial for Challenge 4 desperately


Hey @AndrewSpencer I haven’t! But it’s on my list of things to get round to.
It’s relatively simple for standard stuff… but making it work inside components adds a lot of complexity.

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hi @Mr.Biscuit Awesome stuff with #4, did you say there’s a solution you can point to? Thanks

Okay here’s a little hint to Challenge #4, since it is exceptionally difficult, I figured I should probably explain the core mechanism so you guys can build upon that and come up with mind-blowing ideas. → Check it out



hi @Mr.Biscuit, i’d love to learn how you achieved this method. it’s something i’ve been trying to figure out how to do to no avail. would you be open to sharing how you accomplished this feat with me? :pray: thank you.


With the announcement of the interactive component came the optimal solution for challenge #1, and I am glad to share it here with you guys :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who has participated in challenge #1!
Amongst whom @Elephant_x @Andrei_Iancu @ziyue @Solo_Cube @andre have managed to get critical success! you guys deserved my applause :clap:t2:

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:heart_eyes_cat: this would be a dreeeaaammm! i need this in my life. is your plugin available in the community?

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There is the oldest plugin that can do that, it came out years before auto-layout v1.0, and it happens to be called AutoLayout

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thanks @Mr.Biscuit! i have been playing around with this one but it has a few quirks. but i will keep experimenting with it, hopefully i can figure out a way to get it to do what i need. thanks again :tiger:

With the end of March came the conclusion of this season of Biscuit’s Challenge, and the Winner and Champion of Biscuit’s Challenge Season 2 goes to — :trophy: Andre Barbero from Santiago, Chile:chile: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:.

@andre have attained the **Legendary Achievement** on both the first and the second Challenge plus a critical success on the third Challenge. The simplicity and responsiveness of Andre’s approach to the 2nd challenge absolutely exceeded my imagination and had made possible the portability of inline tags. Let’s give him praise :clap:

Here are the best solutions of this season:
Challenge #1: Infinite Carousel(with Interactive Component)
Challenge #2: A slightly improved version upon Andre’s solution
Challenge #3: Description List From my AntDesignOpenSource
Challenge #4: Mr.Biscuit’s original challenge file (as shown in video)

Thank you to all who have participated in this challenge! We have had a great time learning from each other, and I hope to see you in the next season :wink:


Challenge #2 is an empty file :frowning:

Oh God, thanks for pointing that out, I gave the wrong permission and let everyone edit the file and someone deleted it, I will do a version restore and change the permission to view-only