LAUNCHED: Generate sticky notes from table data

I’m looking for a way to generate sticky notes from data. There’s a video posted in this closed thread, Bulk add post-it notes function. Referencing this YouTube video.

It seems like the functionality has changed. In the current version, pasting or importing CSV data generates a table. This isn’t as useful, at least in my case.

Is there a way to convert table cells into sticky notes? Or another way to import data with the original functionality?


I had the exact same problem! Now when I paste in cells from a different spreadsheet, it goes directly into a table, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to convert it to stickies instead (the way they used to paste into Figjam). The same thing happens if you import a CSV.

It would be great if there was an option to decide how you want to paste the data in (whether you’re literally pasting or importing a CSV); as a table or as stickies.


Looks like this has also changed the way .csv import works. I can’t generate sticky notes from data files any more :frowning:

Is there a work around? I wanted to generate sticky notes from a csv full of user data.


I also cant copy from excel to generate stickies, this has broken how we use figjam as a team for now. There should be an option on how you want to copy the data in, as a table or sticky note.


We’re also facing this issue.


My team uses/prefers the sticky notes too. Currently copy/pasting the table data into stickies smh :joy: I hope they make a work around soon!


I am experiencing the same issue. Please bring the CSV import to sticky notes back!


Help please!
I love using FigJam for affinity diagramming when analyzing data. It was super easy to copy Excel cells and paste them as individual sticky notes.

However, this no longer works. It just pastes a table with text. I tried also using the Create sticky from text plugin, and it also doesn’t help.

I really need this feature. Copying and pasting individual cells is not feasible for my work. I feel absolutely handicapped without this feature. Can you please look into fixing it?

Thank you in advance!


Yes, same here. Very disappointed that this feature has been turned off. FYI, both Miro and Mural have this enabled.


To paste Excel table data into multiple stickies this workaround worked for me (although still much more cumbersome compared to what it was before):

  1. Select 1 column of data in Excel and copy
  2. Paste as text into Word, Notepad, etc.
  3. Select and copy all text
  4. Paste into Figjam as text
  5. Select that textbox and run Create Sticky From Text plugin

The plugin won’t work with the new FigJam tables so you have to make sure you’re pasting as text with the appropriate breaks.


Thanks for the workaround. Agree it’s a cumbersome process.

Unfortunately, it also splits text at every period which doesn’t handle data with more than one sentence, or data without periods. You may get more, or less stickies that you’d want, if you’re not careful.

I guess it should possible to edit the plugin source so it splits on new line, or carriage return instead.


My whole team of research has been using the “paste from excel and turn into post-it” functionality since ever but today it disappeared because you introduced tables!
Now all it does is turn the excel into tables and we don’t want that to happen, because we need to work with single post it in order to do affinity mapping, can you bring back this functionality? Please! :fearful:


Yes please. This is terrible, we were doing the same thing and I was planning on using this functionality TODAY and now my work will take 100x as long :sob:


My team has been struggling with the same issue. We are forced to move tools for this functionality alone. I hope they bring this feature back soon.


I have the same issue!
This is annoying, I used to copy tables and paste them into sticky notes to do affinity mapping at Figjam.

please bring back the feature :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:


This development surprises me. As a researcher myself, I’m curious if you did user interviews about the feature before making such a change. It’s a critical part of my team’s workflow and has already slowed us down.


unfortunately “Create sticky from text” plugin doesnt work well


My team has spent hours more today on research synthesis due to this bug. Please fix.


Agreed, but it’s the only thing I can find that works at all after Figma broke what I consider core functionality.


Thanks for the workaround. But in my case, a tedious alternative to a valued core feature of figjam

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