Lagging and high CPU usage when the “Ruler” option is enabled

Where it happens?

  • Figma Desktop App version 116.6.3
  • Web: Yandex Browser (64-bit)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open your recent Figma file
  2. Drag the elements left/right or zoom in/out and make sure Figma is working fine
  3. Turn on the “Rulers” by clicking the Figma menu > View > Rulers
  4. Drag the elements left/right or zoom in/out to see the lagging and high CPU usage

My laptop specs:

  • CPU Intel 6500U
  • RAM 16Gb
  • Intel HD Graphics 520

Sorry, GPU. Not CPU :smile:

Thank you for the post, I was wondering all the time, why everything is so laggy in Figma and you helped me to find out, that it is the ruler, that might cause the issue. :hearts:

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