Jira Widget cannot sync all on page or all in file like Jira Ticket Sync plugin does

It’s super exciting to see widgets in Figma, especially Jira widget. I’ve been using Jira Ticket Sync for a while, it’s kinda complicated for the first few steps to connect Jira but it works great so far, it really does help me keep track with all the tasks from the engineering team. That’s why I’m really excited when Figma releases widgets, and there’s Jira widget.

But it’s not convenient at all. It, of course, connects Jira really fast and simple, but you have to go find and SYNC ONE SINGLE TASK AT A TIME. This widget is supposed to make things easier, not harder. So please, add Sync All on Page and Sync All in File soon.

However, I really love other things Figma did, it works great for me. Love you.