Issue / bug(?) when using Font Awesome on Figma Desktop

This seems to be a Figma Desktop issue rather than a Font Awesome issue, so Im posting here to see if any one can reproduce it, or has found a fix.

This particular icon does not display properly in Figma desktop. It is correct in Figma Web.
I have typed-in the icon name manually, and also copy/pasted the name directly from the icon details page (just to eliminate typos).

BTW, I have been through support with Font awesome, and they have exhausted every possible cause (eg. deleting the font, downloading a new package, re-installing the font, restarting Figma, restarting font manager, etc).

Appreciate any help

Same problem here… would appreciate help on this

same issue was present

I then proceeded to download the FontAwesome desktop zip package and add it at organization level (you can also do this at team level) as shared font resources. it solved the issue. downloading the web font version zip and uploading the TTF files does not work, downloading the desktop zip and uploading the OTF files works for us.

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