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Is there a way to remove the Leaving Figma External Link Warning in Prototype?

Im creating a prototype and would like to link to live pages on our site without having the User in the test have to see the “Leaving Figma Warning” page. My concern is that it takes it breaks the illusion of an actual experience.

Is there a way remove this middle page from the experience?


The message created notable friction (annoyed) for a top executive at Fortune 100 company when he was reviewing the prototype. And the checkbox is really small with low contrast gray text.
Not a deal breaker, but reducing friction and anxiety is a key part of our jobs :slight_smile:


It’s a security feature made to prevent phishing, you can’t remove it.

Ok. but perhaps they can move it to the beginning of the prototype or something? Ill prototype something up. LOL

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This creates a terrible experience when using prototypes for user testing especially as it isn’t optimised for mobile.

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I’m in the same boat here. I have a big (fortune 100 client) who is needing to run tests with users next week on mobile and the “Leaving Figma External Link” is not readable on Mobile…help!! What can I do to get rid of this link check?

I can confirm that this is REALLY annoying the way it is treated right now. I understand the need for security and/or a warning, but…

  1. Impossible to read on mobile.
  2. Completely breaks the testing experience when transitioning from prototype to live site.

There has got to be a better solution for this.

Hey Doug, I’m having the same problem, I was planning to run the usability test on Maze, however because the user is kicked out of Figma I’m not able to test out the rest of the experience! I was wondering if you’ve got any solutions yet?!

I haven’t hear anything @Nasim but it is a distraction still.