Is it possible to use if/then statements without prototyping?

I have a couple of static charts that I’d like to use if/then statements.

Basically I’ve assigned a mode to a layer and currently prototyping requires an action to change the assignment.

For simple illustration:

  • I have a mode called “dollars” with variables that assign the color of the text and turns on a dollar sign.
  • I also have a mode called “percentage” with variables that assign a different color to the text and turns on a percentage sign.
  • I’d like to be able to control the modes at a higher level so the numbers remain the same. I’m creating charts that assign width/height according to the number of bars in the chart. I’d like for that chart mode to control if it shows “percentage” or “dollars.”

Is there anything like an “on page load” action to trigger an action?


What I do in those cases is to set an “After delay” with 1ms and it kinda works like a page load.

Hope it helps.


Oh, that’s a GREAT idea for a workaround! Thank you!

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