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👋 Introduce yourself!

Say hi and let the community know where you’re from, what you do, and anything else fun you’d like to share. :blush:


Hi everyone, I’m Josh Dunsterville or @neversitdull on Twitter. I lead Community Support at Figma and I’m the Admin of this wonderful new forum. :wink:

I live in sunny Long Beach, CA :beach_umbrella: :sunflower: :us:
When I’m not working on the Figma community you can find me in my music studio producing, mixing or songwriting.

Feel free to send me a PM here if you have any questions about the forum.

Cheers! :wave:


Hi y’all, I’m Bruno Figueiredo and you can find me under @bfigas_ on Twitter, and bfigas everywhere else. I’m a Community Advocate for Figma and I currently lead the Brand & Creatives team at OutSystems. Oh, and adding to this I’m also an Admin of the freshest forum experience in the block!

I’m Portuguese, and am currently stationed in sunny Lisbon :sunny: :beers: :beach_umbrella: :bridge_at_night:

Outside this beautiful community, I tend to be found either drawing, snapping photos, playing the latest indie games, or simply traveling (when there isn’t, you know… a pandemic out there) and, if you catch me in a good day, I’ll probably be creating some tunes (although I never share them).

Feel free to ping me in a PM if you have any questions about the community, or simply wanna chat :wink:

Have a nice one! :wave:


Good day!

I’m Luis, or @disco_lu everywhere on the internet.

I work as one of Figma’s Designer Advocates, and I’m based in London.

You’ll find me mostly sharing best practice guides, design memes, or talking for hours about process.

See you around!


Hello beautiful people! I’m Gleb. Learn more about me and leave something nice in the Figma guestbook on my website: :heart:

I’ve been a daily Figma user since 2016, and as an active community member I answered more than 5000 questions about Figma already, so now I know pretty much everything about the tool. I’m also a developer so I made multiple tools and plugins for Figma. The most popular are Figma Link Shortener, Blend and Master.

Currently I’m continuing to develop Figma plugins full-time! And I wanna keep helping people in the Figma community, so I’m gonna be moderating this forum and answering your questions in the topics here, sharing tips and tricks.


Hi there, I’m Steven Houessou-adin

@mrstev3n on Twitter but sometimes heroninja, you can find out more by following I am one of the few Community Advocates for Figma who speak French as a native language.

I am Beninese (in Africa):benin:, and I currently reside in Cotonou where I administer @fofcotonou.

Likewise, I am quite active in the community, I answer everything, even questions that might escape the vigilance of my fellow advocates :sweat_smile:. Furthermore, I often share tips and add useful content to the community via @steven or @heroninja.

I am also a big basketball :basketball: fan and I play a lot as well.

Feel free to ping me in a PM at any time.

But little info my time zone is GMT+1


hello all :wave:
I’m Masha, designer and community advocate from Boston, MA.

My two favorite things to do in Figma are coming up with sleek ways to set up components and finding new creative uses for the tool.

Whenever I’m not moving pixels, I love to move around - specifically running, boxing, and simply going on long walks :leaves: I also enjoy learning languages and would love to practice Italian or German with native speakers here. (I can teach you use some Russian in return!)


@Masha So you wouldn’t like to learn French? :smirk:


Eventually! Trying to take it one step at a time :sweat_smile:


Hello friends! My name is Igor, designer and community advocate from Moscow, RU. I have been working in Figma since the very first days of its appearance, I have designed an insane amount of products in it. Opening Figma every day, I enjoy my work. The most frequent thing I do in it is the design of design systems, complex products and mobile applications. I consider my knowledge of Figma at a very high level, I will help the forum and write interesting articles. Thanks everyone.


Hello everyone!! My name is Thomas, I’m a FoF Community Advocate from Austin, Texas. I work at an amazing agency called Funsize where I do all sorts of Product Design work. Find me on Twitter @thomasmewart! Outside of my typical workday, I am usually playing video games with friends, DJing, thinking about fashion, or painting.


Hello everyone! My name is Joshua. I’m the Community Advocate for Jos, Nigeria. I have following Figma for quite a while now but fully delved into UI in 2020. I’m still improving on my skills and I hope to learn a lot from my Figma community.

Asides design, I’m a Sustainable Energy Engineer/Advocate and I’m looking forward to what role design can actively play in this space.

Glad to be here!


Hi everyone :wave: I’m Jonathan, a UI/UX Designer. I’m the Community Advocate for Las Vegas :sparkles:

You can find me @jondeparra pretty much everywhere. I work in Fintech helping to make cryptocurrencies accessible to all. This year I’m building in public and learning out loud after being afraid to do so for years.

Fun tidbit about me: pre-Covid I was an amateur competitive ballroom dancer in Rhythm and Smooth! Feel free to connect on LinkedIn if you’d like :hugs:



Hi, all! Great to be here :wink: I’m currently working as a Design Lead at the software company Mono (Croatia), also I’m president of Osijek Software City association (which promotes IT sector), and not forget, Community Advocate for FoF, Osijek.

I had the honor to work, organize (and create) the local community projects Digital Design Academy, DIO community, and Design of Digital Interactions (with the Academy of Arts in Osijek) in Osijek, to uplift and help young designers to stand up on their feet, learn, meet each other on meetups, and eventually — get a job.

Fun facts about me: I used to live in a squat, skateboarding a lot, visiting a lot of hardcore/punk gigs, and hitchhiking around the country, and ofc chased by the wild dogs doing that :smile:

Twitter: @tomic_mihael

P.S. Forgot to mention I love cooking and writing about it on my blog (, Croatian only), but there’s my IG account (@mihael_tomic) with many meals I cook. Thanks @Trucy_Phan for reminding me of that part. :+1:



I’m Trucy (@trucy on Twitter). I am a Community Advocate for Figma in Chicago and work remotely for Addepar leading their Design Systems team.

I love baking, and run quarterly bakesales for nonprofits at

Previously, I was a developer, runner, potter, and knitter. I probably would do all of those things poorly now haha.


Hey Figmates!!! :star_struck: I’m Kushantha. I am a Community Advocate for Figma in Sri Lanka (FOF Sri Lanka) :sri_lanka: Great to be here and I’m currently working as an Associate UX Designer. You can find me on @kushiiiiiiiiya pretty much everywhere. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn if you’d like. :hugs:

Fun facts about me: Love to talk about design systems and meet new friends around the globe. Feel free to ping me in a PM or simply wanna say hi. :wink:


Hello therer :v:t5:
Tuxu is a restless designer born and raised in São Paulo :brazil: passionate about design and new technologies. Currently working as Designer at Meiuca.

You can see some doodles here and discovery our connection degrees there.

FoF - São Paulo :point_left:t5:


Hi! :wave:
I’m Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx and I live in Antwerp, Belgium :belgium:. I’m the founder & lead designer of PandaPanda, which is a digital product agency based in Antwerp. Recently, I started as the Community Advocate for Flanders in Belgium.

In my free time I play the drums in a Punk band, but haven’t been able to play a gig in over a year now :expressionless:. I also organize a music festival in July!

I tweet a lot about Figma and other design stuff, you can follow me here.

FoF Flanders


Hi everybody, I’m Cherry, an advocate from Hanoi, Vietnam or @cherrrryme on Twitter or /cherrrry on Linkedin
I love black coffee, designing and singing. I have plan to develope myself in English language, international communication, illustration drawing and management skill in this year 2021.
I look forward to being connected with all of you, to share knowledge and make friends. Nice to meet you all. :wave: