Interactions with smart animate not working as expected when position is fixed and document is scrolled down

Hi guys,

I noticed that the sticky menu is not working properly. The smart animation menu at the top of the page when extended works well on the first page, but when I scroll down the menu starts to bug only when the smart animation is triggered. :sob::sob:
I tried some things but nothing seems to work.

If someone has time to check and suggest an idea to solve this problem I would be over the moon.

Thank you :hugs:

Hey there, I’ve just checked your prototype and it looks like it is working. Could you send me a screen recording showing where it looks buggy for you?

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Hi Gayani_S,

This is what I see. Thank you for taking the time to check out this.

I already did that. It is a fixed frame but when scrolling first button is not working properly. :expressionless:

I checked your file again and didn’t see that you wrapped the instance in a frame.

Please wrap the “Frame 55” instance in a frame.

Yes, you were right. It’s working! I wrote frame 55 but didn’t make it. Thank you. :face_with_peeking_eye: :hugs:
Can you explain why is it working with frame and not with instance?