Instance swap issue. Height set to fixed

I’m experiencing an issue with an instance swap property in Figma. I have a Card component with Auto-layout (width: fixed, and height: hug). It wraps an instance of a component associated with an instance swap property (width: fill and height: hug).
When I create an instance of Card and change the inner instance through the instance property it works fine the first time. From there, if I change it again, Figma sets the height of the inner instance to fixed. This crops the content.

Does anyone knows why this happens and how to fix it? Is it a bug in Figma?

File here:

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Hey Pablo, thank you for reaching out with a screen recoding and a link to your file. This looks like a bug to me. I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf, so that our technical quality team can take a look at this. Your ticket number is #849291, for reference.

I keep having this same issue, @Gayani_S Has it been fixed?

Hey @Fayemi_David ,
I am working closely with Gayani, happy to help!
After checking internally, unfortunately we cannot set an ETA yet for the fix for the instance swap issue at this time. Still, once we have an update I will let you know. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

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I have the same issue with a different component: A side menu.
When I swap between a selected state - with sub-pages below - to any other state and then swap back to ‘selected’ the component’s height changes to fixed instead of its preset ‘hug’, cropping the content (sub-pages) below.
Any update about this 7 months later?