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Images reload

Hello! I need to create cards that, when hovering, the image scaling and the shadowing appears at the bottom. I used interactive components for this. But if I replace the image, it constantly reloads and blinking. Sorry for bad English.

HI @Golod ,

I did try it out to see if I could reproduce the issue. I was not able to get the same thing as you, nonetheless I got some very weird bugs. After some testing, I found out that if your image is a frame’s background, and “clip content” is ON, it will bug like the middle picture in my video.

So to fix it, whether you uncheck “clip content” or just make it a standalone image. To do so, just copy your frame’s properties (CTRL+ ALT+ C / CMD+OPTION+C) and paste them (CTRL+ALT+V / CMD+OPTION+V) to a new rectangle.

I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Image is a rectangle with fill type “image”. And it only happens if you replace the original image. I am not the only one with this problem, here is a link to a posts with a similar problem: Image hover issues, Image Override breaks smart animation.

You can watch my project here:

And prototype:

Thanks for sharing your file. It helped me understand the issue which I fixed in the below link.

I won’t call this a bug per say, because you were trying to replace an image into component that linked to another component… and did not have the same image. The override is kind of screwed.

Anyways, whether this is a bug or not, you can easily fix it by replacing your simple image by a component with variants. Figma will then understand better what’s happening haha.

I also recommend you do not hide your text and fade effect, but instead turn the opacity to 0%. It usually gives better results. I got buggy results with this before.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! But it’s not very convenient. Should we expect this to be fixed

Hey @Golod - this should be fixed by the latest update. Can you let me know if the issue is still happening? Thanks!

Problem solved, thanks.