If then. if not

Hello, I am migrating from ADOBE XD to figma for an issue that I could not solve (And because figma also looks a thousand times better than XD). I’ve been researching the program a bit but can’t figure it out.

I am working on an app that is based on making the routes interactive, and I have a database, in this example I will use the curure (There are 50 more of those information, the same flora and fauna). To enter the cururo I have multiple “entrances” we can see in the work table 1 (Where sightings appear) I can press the image of the cururo to enter its information, just like the work table 2, in the same route I can see the information del cururo, there will be a work table 3 and 4. My problem is once I enter the database, I want to return to the work table from where I entered. In adobe xd, I only separated in as input (Click, dragging) but I cannot repeat the same instructions (A CASE OF IF THEN, IF NOT) I was practicing with empty artboards with rectangles but the same thing that adobe XD is happening to me . What suggestions do you give me?

Thank you very much for your time!