I want to add an open overlay interaction to an already variant interaction


So I am having an issue. I did a heart component, with a variant that when clicked the heart fills. But I also want to add another interaction, when you click the heart it opens an overlay with a message. But when I add this new interaction, the internal inherited interaction doesn’t work anymore and I get this message “This interaction will not be triggered as interactions on instances are triggered before inherited internal interactions.”
Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks!

This is also a recording to see what I mean.

Hey @Maria_Paraschiv, thank you for reaching out!

I’ve seen a similar topic in the Forum. Are you able share a copy of your file with me?

Thank you in advance!


Thank you for your answer. Yes, I will share the file with you.
Thank you!

Hey @Maria_Paraschiv, apologies for the delayed response!

I’ve tried the interaction on my end and it seemed to work when I added a “change to” to the variant. You can see in my screen recording that I am not getting the error message you mentioned. Please let me know if that works for you or if you’re expecting a different workaround.

Thank you,