How to remove Plugins?


Is there an option to remove a Plugin in Figma?
I installed one and now there is no option to get rid of it.

If there is none, where can I make a feature request?

Hey Marv, please check these steps to remove saved plugins.

If you’re having trouble following these instructions, I recommend you to share screen recording to support demonstrating the steps you’re taking and the actual results? That will help them diagnose the issue.



it seems that your Plugin System is very confusing.

I found out I was talking about “recent” Plugins (Saved and Recent seems very duplicate).

I expect, when I decide against a plugin after using it, that i can uninstall it so it appears nowhere in my menu and plugin list. But currently it appears on both places, even it is not saved.

How can I remove plugins from Recent?
Is there a way I can create an issue for that strange behavior?

For example, you can clear data like this:
Sign out of your Figma account or delete app data manually.


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