How do I clear plugin from Recents?

Just started using Figma and decided to give the free Convertify plugin a try. I looked for it and chose ‘try out’. So far so good. But now it keeps on showing it under the Plugins menu. There it appears as the last run plugin ‘Convertify to Sketch/XD/AE/EPS’. I tried to look for any ‘installed’ plugins or by right clicking it and see if a ‘delete plugin’ popup appears but nothing helps. Restarting the Figma Desktop app also didn’t work. And there isn’t anything like ‘Manage Plugins’ or ‘Clear Recents’. They only thing that deleted it was after I uninstalled and reinstalled Figma. But anyway: how can I clear the ‘Recent run plugins’ list? I understand by now that plugins aren’t installed, but ‘saved’. But nonetheless: I couldn’t find any section where I could see the saved or run plugins so I could delete it have Convertify plugin not show up in the Recents list anymore.


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The list of recent plugins is stored in Local Storage. Clearing this storage will clear out the list of recent plugins and other Figma settings.

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