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How to download assets for Android and iOS

Hi Figma Team,
My developers want to download the assets for android and iOS in the below-mentioned type

Please help me to solve this I have no idea how to do that


The built in image export presets are not named for platforms in Figma for the sake of clarity. That file system is very specific for android dev enviro. But the naming is is like this in Figma - to keep the names global instead just for android.

However it’s really hard to keep track of dev enviro details like that. I always forget the naming principles of android all the time. For that, there’s a very simple plugin for exporting Android assets.

Select the asset that you want to export and select export as png from the plugin menu

Thank you for the solution @Corey_Korhan

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@Corey_Korhan could you please help me with the below question.

Q1. How to create a gif in Figma?(if you could share me any clip of creating gif)

Q2. How long my draft files, will be available for editing?


  1. A couple of days ago I stumbled this plugin from @Rogie_King to export gifs. Haven’t had a chance to use it but as he’s an advocate for Figma, I’m sure it’ll work flawlessly :slight_smile:
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  2. There’s no time limitation or tricks to get your wallet out of your pocket. It’s literally free. Figma doesn’t do word plays or puts hidden IAPs. As long as it’s a draft, it’s free. Sounds a bit odd in 2021 right? It’s true though. It’s rare to see honest companies like Figma nowadays. And I’m glad they’re around.

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Hi Corey,

Happy to hear that I can edit my Figma drafts files limitless & free. Thank you for helping me with the issues and suggest me best and easy to use plugins.

I really enjoy using Figma Thank you Figma team.