Hovering bug : Color is lost on interactions when nested

Hello to the community :wave:

I really need help to solve this strange behavior:
I lost the color information when hovering on a nested component

Here is a video

No problem, you can make fun of my English :woozy_face:

Thank you in advance


I updated the demo for a better explanation

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I wish you’ll find a solution cause I have the same problem

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Same issue. Wish it could be fixed somehow.

I’m experiencing the very same issue. It’s the first time i discovered a bug in Figma after using it for several years… Strangely it happened after Adobe purchased Figma. A coincidence?

Please help quickly on this…
Too much interactive component troubles are happening
I can’t rely on Figma if what my customer sees/experiments is not what is intended!

I also want to precise that everything was working the last 3 month, nothing have change in those component.


My file seems to be repaired without having modified anything
Thanks @figma to have stabilize it

@Fred_Tinsel really? I still have the issue. Maybe it’s a floating bug. Cause I had this issue ~2 months ago, after 2 weeks it seemed to be fixed. But now I have this issue again.

@Artem-Moskovskikh In the component, on the instance, try to reset all change.
And relaunch the proto
Hope it works for you too

@Fred_Tinsel unfortunately it doesn’t work… what are in my case:

I have:

  • Icon
  • Component “Smart Icon” with thes icons and Hover Effect (just another background).
  • Components like buttons, table items etc which include “Smart Icon” with changed colors.

The bug occurs in prototypes when hovering on icons — color are not as I made. I see the source color of icons.

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