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Giving unique access to specific pages

Thanks for sharing @YingMing !!!

This would be so helpful! I end up creating dupe files, one for WIP and one to share with developers and have to copy things back and forth. It gets very confusing.


@Figma correct me if I’m wrong but this is fixed with the new Drafts area coming April 21!! Woohooo!!

Right!? So much double handling. I think they’re introducing something for this soon in Drafts area. Such good news !!

Yes please! This would be so helpful. I have no idea, how all these fellow designers manage to share certain areas of a project with developers and clients while hiding unfinished work. Right now I have all my pages marked with emojis but this always requires explanation.

The ability to make certain pages public and keep others private would be so handy! Please @Figma, take this into consideration.

Allow to share in view only one page of a file instead of all pages


1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
Viewers of my project can literally see everything and also comment on anything they want. Having the ability to toggle visibility for viewers on pages would give me the opportunity to have a workspace where I can do my sketching and drafts without having a client or manager interfere.

2. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)
I am currently working on a project where one of the managers is constantly giving feedback on stuff that I haven’t even finished yet. I know I could tell him that he should wait for my approval to give a round of feedback, but sometimes managers are just too stubborn and check up on designs in between tasks or when bored… This would also make the main project file be sharable with a customer without them seeing any drafts or unfinished business.

3. Ask questions to bring the community into the conversation
Would the only option be to not share Figma with managers and clients and just keep using Zeplin on the side?


Ah thanks! I made sure to give that post a vote :+1:t2:

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I don’t actually think this has been covered yet.

I thought it was covered with the ‘Teams’ update but I still want an area in a shared file that is just to myself.

Regardless of if it’s in drafts or a team - I don’t think you can show and hide pages or manage permissions amongst pages yet

Something I really need and I think others do too



Needs not met yet

Comments on stuff unfinished is so frustrating

Hopefully this feature gets some momentum

It is annoying to copy boards to a different file. Specially you loose components and comments.

I use a little trick adding pages named to look like separators. While not actually hiding anything, it’s useful to share the files with non-designers who never found what’s hiding there :wink:

It’s just a bunch of mdashes:

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I always have problems with that, like I have one that i called handoff devs but people just make comments on non relevant pages…
Hid pages for users would be amazing

I have to copy the page to a separate project just so I can share which is a bit crazy but seems the only way at present! This is a really big issue that is keeping us from leaving Zeplin. :persevere:

I would also like the locked pages or limited access to ensure that some stuff doesn’t get moved around

I don’t want the client to see the whole project including WIPs.

When sharing a design file can I get the ability to customise access for clients? For example; Client 1 can view only access page 1. Designers can see all pages.

Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

Hello there,

It’d be just amazing if Figma had the ability to hide specific pages from document viewers.
Say I have a few pages that aren’t important for viewers so I need to make them invisible.

@Gleb what do you think?