Give unique access to specific pages

I’m confused by the lack of an official response to this basic request.
Are yall merging with XD or something? Is that why this thread (which has been responded to every few days for the last year) is not being considered a priority? This is a basic workflow request.


It’s 2023 and this is still a need. :anger:


@Figma_Support how about creating a lock for the whole project, and the capability to share individual pages with specific people? I have to share the 1 page with developers, but I don’t want them poking around all the other designs. This will be really a game changer. Thanks!


I totally agree. I wonder if Figma people are listening to this thread. It’s so frustrating to have this idea with lots of support and no response from the them.


Was scrolling down this entire thread praying the end result would be a celebrated solution, but no dice :frowning:


This feature would be so much useful in my company! For now we have to use workarounds/third party solutions that take time and are very impractical.

This would be a great feature :smiley:

I don’t understand why this feature doesn’t even exist.

Does this mean anyone can see your Figma pages, and that you have zero control over what you’re creating? What if its a personal account?

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This would be great as I am currently working on future ideas and I’ve got some of the dev teams snooping around while I’m trying to work


This would be AMAZING! The clients doesn’t need to see pages with design in progress, they get all confused

Yes – I just shared a page with a client but it ends up sharing ALL of the pages in the entire project. When is this going to be fixed and allow us to only share specific pages with clients or collaborators?

I tried to share a specific page as well as specific frames and tried to open the link, and it shows only the page or frame I shared!
It’s working just fine.

I got the problem at first but…
I tried to open the link on the different browser where my login ID of figma is not saved.

This would be so great!! I really need this feature right about now!

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I agree, I have to keep exporting my figma page as a graphic and importing to another app to gather feedback from the Customer whilst allowing Devs to access all pages of my Figma file which isn’t good.

Me too. I guess if we all tag them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and reddit… maybe we’ll get their attention. :robot:

Honestly! This would help a lot

how is this not a thing yet? I can’t give outside parties access to everything.

I want to give my clients access to download assets like images from my Figma documents and at the same time restrict them from duplicating my original Figma file as this will give them access to privileged knowledge, something that took me years to have. Why not have checkboxes on the “Allow viewers to” panel with the:

  1. Copy
  2. Share
  3. Export
    so that I can choose what the client can have access to.
    Currently, once I check that option, it’s like the client has bought a Coke and they are also given the secret recipe as well, which isn’t fair/doesn’t protect me as a designer.
    I would like to keep my original work / keep my rights to my work while giving them access to the files they need to develop their product.

is there any Update

Hey All,

Thank you for your Votes and feedback! Our team is aware of this feature request and will continue to actively monitor it. Figma is dedicated to continually making improvements that will benefit the community. We’re working on it, but we don’t have an exact timeline we can provide just yet.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding!