Frame name display misplaced


I came across a problem, I couldn’t find a solution.
I don’t know why, all my files have misplaced or invisible frame names. It was fine last Friday. Today, when I open it, it suddenly shows an error. Both in desktop and web.

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Same! I have also cleared the cache re-installed the app and it did not seem to help

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yeah, I re-installed too, but same like you

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Same here ! Started yesterday I think.
What can I do to fix it ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

The same over here. :x

Same problem here - Safari & Desktopapp. Hope it’ll get fixed soon. Only in Designfiles for me where whole screenframes are components.

Have the same problem. Started today. I have two different accounts and the issue only occurs on one of my accounts, both on web and in the app. The other accounts is working for both

Experiencing the same here. Started today. Really annoying.

Edit: it’s fixed already! Thanks Figma <3

It has been fixed. Thanks a lot to Figma, my work is back to normal!

+1 got the same problem at work today

Same here!

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