Find & Replace only inside selection

Hi everyone,

It would be incredibly useful to be able to find & replace only inside the current selection.
There could be another option instead of just “This page” and “All pages” also “Inside current selection”.

Best regards

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Hi @Mikka_Wild_adesso ,
Thank you feedback! Do not also forget to vote up your idea so we can gauge the overall interest in the community! Thank you.

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WHY is this not included by default??? IT SUCKS having to cycle through ALL the chevron-down icons on the page just to change 5 of them over to chevron-right. Lame. Huge oversight on the usability of this component. Why wait to “gauge the interest of the community” on this??? Very frustrating!!!

Hi @Matty_Vazquez ! We understand your frustration. Our team monitors the forums for topics with the most feedback and votes to prioritize accordingly, as we received a large number of ideas.

We’ll pass along to our team for consideration. Thank you for your understanding!