Figma Status Page not displaying Server Error

  • The Figma app says error 504.
  • The website says temporary outage.
  • The status page says everything is operational (?)

Would be nice to see the Status website reflect the actual state of all important Figma servers so we know what’s going on.

Hello Patrick,

Same on my side.
It’s something with the server and it does not look like DNS or traffic problem.
Devs should look on it. I have presentation of prototype in half an hour for client. :expressionless:

Same in BE, NL and SE

Same in BG. Server error 504

Surprised they don’t update this on their status page. Misleading

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Same here in Spain and in the UK, any support help would be much appreciated

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Same in Germany.

Same in Ukraine. Gentlemen moderators?

Adobe, be honest, it’s your fault?

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