Figma presentation mode not loading for collaborators

Hi, I tried to find this topic in the existing list as it seems potentially common, however I couldn’t find it.

The issue I am having is related to Figma Presentation Mode not loading for end-users testing and reviewing created design work.

Some of these users have never used Figma before.

I made sure that the function “Anyone with the link can view” before creating a link.

Is it just a matter of asking users to close other browser tabs and to clear cache, or is there potentially something more to this?

Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

For me and my team who have accounts and regularly use it, both project and presentation mode is loading OK.

Hi there,

Thank you for your post! I sometimes see companies restrict their employees’ access to specific websites. In such cases, you might be able to ask the end users to check if Figma is on their company’s allowed website list.

You can also refer to this help center article for more information:

If the issue still persists, feel free to contact our support team here:

I hope this helps!


I’m having the same issue (works for some people but not others in same browser) despite sharing it as “anyone w/ link can view.” So far I haven’t found a solution. The person who reported the problem to me said the progress bar on the black screen loads almost the whole way and then just hangs without loading the prototype.

Thanks for providing more details. I believe what I can share at the moment would be the approach I suggested earlier:


Hmm, it’s definitely not that the access to the Figma website is restricted (the person experiencing this and I work for the same company) and her connection works. I noticed that right clicking in dev tools/console creates a different URL for each error. Does each individual error need to be saved as a log or are they all the same log despite different URLs?