Figma Mirror app doesn't render the design correctly

Same problem here on a newly bought Samsung S22, an update about a future fix would be helpful

Can we get an update on this Figma? This big completely renders an entire generation of phones useless and I’ve had to switch to an older phone just to design. This is a major problem that needs clarity


Exact same issue on the S22+. Worked perfectly fine on the OnePlus 9RT.

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Unreal. I literally can not use an entire generation of devices because Figma refuses to render on all Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 devices I’ve tested. I now have to downgrade my phone just to use Figma which is a significant issue as I now can no longer have any of the phones I actually wanted.

Same issue, but I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro :frowning:

Same here. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and it doesn’t display all the elements. Tried to understand if it’s based on type of element, but it’s all random what it actually shows on the tablet. In the menu it says : “Mirror - Loading…”. Can someone from the Figma team confirm if there is any work being done on this?

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So I have let them know about this bug like 3 months ago, they told me they are working on fixing it, but after some time passed the ticket got a “solved” banner, so I contacted them again and it seems like they have no recollection of the previous ticket or of the bug itself.
I can only say that I am deeply disappointed with the Figma support stuff and their lack of willingness to fix this bug.
I suggest that each of us open a ticket to they will see how many users this actually affects.


same issue on s22

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reports about this issue and apologies for the issues you have been experiencing. We have been trying to reproduce the issue on some of the specific devices mentioned here but have not been able to. If you are willing, can you see if things work in the Firefox browser? It would be interesting to know if it is happening in non-Chromium based browsers.


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Did you confirm that you have read the issue description?

Hi – sorry if my message was confusing. My understanding is that we are seeing rendering issues on specific devices (Samsung S22/S22+/S22 Ultra as well as other Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 devices).

I’m curious whether you are seeing the same issues if you access Figma Mirror using Firefox on your mobile device. You can access mirror via Figma Mirror as well as the app. We’re trying to understand if this is a Chromium-specific issue (our Figma App still uses a webview which is based on Chromium) or if is a hardware issue. It sounds like the latter since it seems very specific to this family of devices, but we’re interested to know whether the issue also happens in other browsers.


Sorry, I didn’t even know Figma Mirror is available through Figma Mirror until I saw your explanation, I always thought it was a standalone app. I tried Firefox and Samsung Browser and the problem is still the same.

Hi - Thanks for trying it out, that is very helpful information! Based on the issue it seems like it might be some subtle interaction with the hardware since it reproduces across different browser stacks as well. We are actively looking into reproducing this ourselves and will see if there are workarounds we can identify. The other thing I can think of is to see if this is something we can report to Samsung since it seems so specific to this device line.


Hi John,
Thanks for your reply on this thread. I’ve made a screen recording for how one of my designs shows in Figma app, Figma mirror on chrome and Figma mirror on Firefox mobile browsers.

Here’s how the actual design is:

Link to Figma file

And here’s how it shows up on my S22 Ultra:

If you notice, there’s different behavior on each app.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for doing that ahmad_tabby, that is helpful information, thanks for taking the time to do that.

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Man like John here to save the day!

@John_L I actually have a support ticket open where I’ve added as an editor to a file. Would that be of any use to you?

We’ve previously gone through the steps that you have recently suggested and were just waiting on updates.

Same Issue S22 Ultra


This issue is reproducible on all Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 devices. Regardless of device, Figma mirror does not render any content from devices with that chipset correctly.

Have your team pick up an 8 Gen 1 device and it will happen every single time.


Thanks everyone for the info here. Update on our side – we’re getting one of these devices and looking to reproduce / see if there are any possible work arounds.


Same problem here folks. S22 ultra

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