Figma links always open in browser, not desktop app

I’d like Figma links to open in the Mac desktop app, but they only open in the browser. The option to “Open in App” doesn’t exist in my Preferences menu in Figma in either the browser or desktop app.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app, reloading all tabs, and restarting my Mac –– of the things recommended here:


The “Open in App” option doesn’t exist in my preferences menu, as shown here:

Trying to figure out the solve for this as well… having the same issues as screen shot above.

I JUST started having this problem as well. I found this old thread about it, but it’s closed.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Figma desktop app and restarting my Macbook, but neither fixed the issue. Interestingly, when I reinstalled the desktop app, it did open my browser to log in, and then went back to the desktop app automatically upon detecting my login from my browser. Very frustrating.

Same issue here, and it’s quite annoying.
As a workaround I use, but would be nice to have it working out of the box

I’ve also recently begun to experience this issue. Previously, opening Figma Links from my Jira tickets would open to a browser page saying “your link will open in the app” and then focus would switch to my Desktop App. Now, it simply opens the new Figma tab in my browser, but the page doesn’t load completely, and nothing happens in Figma.

Glad that I am not alone, it started happening for me couple of weeks ago. Anybody found how to change it?

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I just found a fix! If you go to the Figma web app, then the tick box preference is available to tick. It’s not an option in the mac app! :tada:

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This only seems to work once you have the page open in the browser and click on something from the Figma file, I’m not sure about the others but I’m trying to open links people have sent me (usually via teams) and they keep opening in the browser not the app :frowning: This didn’t used to happen so I’ve no idea why it is happening now

Same problem, both on iMac (Big Sur 11.6.8) and Macbook Pro (Ventura 13.1). Tried reinstalling, restarting, turning the setting off and back on — nothing helped. The menu persistently suggests I get the desktop app and doesn’t recognize that I already have it.

Still no fix.
MBA (M1 with Ventura), have tried with different browsers.

Been this way for several weeks… and is really really annoying.
Miro can still do the browser<->app switch effortlessly, so what’s up Figma?

Me again… I think I’ve worked out what it is.

I just installed a (for me) completely new browser Opera.
Called up Figma, and logged in.
Then called up a Figma file, and chose the option “open in desktop app”, and immediately received the “always open in the app” dialog.

So, the question is how to get the “new” signing in feel in my standard browser?


yes, same problem with me. I’m trying to open links people have sent me (usually via slack, notion) and they keep opening in the browser not the app :frowning: This didn’t used to happen so I’ve no idea why it is happening now

This problem still exists. Any ideas how to fix this @figmasupport?

I had the same problem and opened the link in Safari instead (was using Brave earlier) and there I had the option to “Open in Desktop App”. Worked just fine!

Same issue here, using Chrome. It used to work, now it doesn’t. Please fix it.

Anyone else having an issue opening Figma links in their desktop app? I’m using MacOS and trying both Chrome and Safari.

The link does switch focus to the Desktop App, but it doesn’t open up to the linked file/page/frame. Turning the “Open in Desktop…” setting off allows the link to open correctly, but in the browser.


I’m experiencing the same issue (I think?).

Figma links only open the browser, despite having “Open links in desktop app” turned on.


Same for me… spent almost an hour trying to get access to a file in the Desktop app, and no result…

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Also having the same issue. Not sure what to do

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