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Figma Helper (Renderer) is using excessive memory, why?


Is there any update on this? my topic was closed so I was hoping this memory leak is being investigated…

I haven’t had any resolution yet as I mentioned in my last post. I’ve been trying to diagnose & resolve the issue with Figma since originally posting in June, but we never came to a conclusion and now it appears the developer I was working with has left the company.

So unfortunately, no, we don’t have a solution yet, but I’m not giving up and I will keep this thread active in hopes we can get it resolved.

Hello everyone! I have the same problem and have no solution from figma help. But! I have my own solution! I found out that Memory grow depends of Internet speed! If i turn off my internet connection while figma project loads, RAM grow stops too!!! I think it depends of lots of saves or copies in cloud. Please check it out on your PC

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I think it’s a feature, not a bug /s


This is definitely network related good spotting. @Sergey_Fomichev
But what i’m weirdly not understanding is that even if I’m not doing anything it keeps growing until It stops to grow.

Not wanting to solutionise but I looks like there is some sort of loop somewhere in the network that causes to increase the memory use to a certain point.
And that is directly related to the number of tabs open in the app.

This is observed in both the app and browser client with a single file open

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 15.51.56


One thing I’ve noticed is that now the app uses a ton of animations for everything, even for opening a file.
I think there might be something to do with that?

There’s a new beta released today 102.9, feels a little bit snappier, but too soon to tell.

Seems initial loading animations have been modified to mitigate RAM usage.

Did not change much for me…

Same, still need to close tabs…

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I have the same and with Only ONE tab) Just a big project