Figma file's load time

Figma acts weird recently.
Sometimes it takes 2-4 seconds to open the file. In the same session load time can take a minute or so and it looks like this:

Does anyone know how to make it always load files fast?
Using Figma on Windows 11.

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This happens for me when I start up Figma the first time every day. Then some already opened tabs can get stuck. I just have to reopen them. Does this happen for you when you open designs normally as well?

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Yeah. Sometimes newly opened tabs get stuck too.
Basically I can’t notice any logic why it happens.

I can confirm it, occasionally Figma (Mac desktop app) loads content too slow. Have noticed about a week ago.

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Yes, having the same issues but file never opens. Figma animations spins on the 100% opening gauge forever! Members of my team are not having this issue.

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Refreshed everything & I’m back on board!

same issue

This happens to me and a tab refresh usually fixes the issue. It can still be frustrating though. Not sure what causes it.