Figma Desktop "New Tab" Search Field or File Overview

When working in the Desktop App, clicking on β€œ+” leads to frustration :slight_smile: And I regularly fall into the trap.

I usually switch between the browser and Figma desktop app the whole day. When working with Figma and looking for another project or file, I always click on β€œ+,” known from all browsers, search for that file/page, etc. But in Figma, it brings me to a page to create a new design file or Figjam File. But I also expect to find existing files.

I felt the pain for a while now and don’t get it to be honest :slight_smile:

And I guess a simple search field ( like in browsers or an overview of projects or files in addition to creating new files would help a lot on that page.

The confusion might come from the same style of browsers β€œ+” tab and Figma β€œ+” tab.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-13 um 09.12.08

This idea was posted earlier on the forum. Please vote here: Allow me to search and open existing files in new tab in the Figma app.

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