Feature request (or bug?): create element directly above current selection

I’m surprised I’m only finding a couple of old threads about this issue — as I’m getting more used to Figma (coming from XD), it’s driving me nuts.

Scenario: I’ve created a layer group and am building elements inside that group. I need to draw a rectangle in a particular spot.

Expected behavior: I’m working in the group right now, it is implied that I want the rectangle to be there, either right above whatever I have selected or at the top of that group’s layers (as XD does).

Actual behavior: The new rectangle is at the top of the Frame’s layers instead. If I wanted that, I could easily have clicked outside of the group. The end result is that for every single element that I create, I have to:

  1. Create the element
  2. Cut the element, then click back into my group, then paste it (or just drag it in the Layers palette, but that’s not feasible in a sufficiently complex doc)
  3. Reposition the element, even though I may have already positioned it exactly as I wanted it when I created it

I don’t see the logic in the current implementation, but at the very least a key command could be added for the desired behavior, i.e., hold Command/Control while drawing a rect or clicking with the Text tool to place that element directly above the selection.

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