Feature Request: CSS Flex, Grid & text features

Firstly, I absolutely freakin’ love Figma, and the auto-layout feature!

However, as a frontend developer turned “designer”, there’s some features that I think Figma could introduce that would significatnly reduce the cognitive difference between designing in Figma and coding in CSS.

For example, auto-layout comes kinda close to mimicking CSS flex/grids with direction, padding and gap but doesn’t support things like wrapping, content (vs. item) alignment, columns etc. I would love the ability to flag an auto layout as a “flex” or “grid” object and get access to settings that map exactly to the properties that can be defined for those layouts in CSS.

Also, I’m sure it’s been suggested many times… but please add text overflow and line clamping with ellipses support to text objects.

Please and thank you :wink:


Yes to both these things.

Was just reading up on CSS Grid, and that would really remove the nested auto layout approach that we currently need to do.

Having the content wrap based on the number of columns would be really great. Features like this would also help in organizing library assets.

Would love that text overflow feature! Faking it is so messy :rofl:

Hi @Nick_Morton,
regarding flex and grid, there is another request for that here, you can vote, and also I would leave a comment with the request from here.

Regarding the truncation of text. Figma just released it this week during Config. You will find the options if you select the text layer and go to its more options.

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Hi @Nick_Morton, do you believe the new auto-layout somehow addresses this, to some extent at least? It seems to me like nesting frames is still the way to go, and not exactly what one would do in HTML.