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Export losing quality even using PNG and 2X higher

And the original file link? If this is the result, there needs to be a way to compare it to something.

literally same! I´m quite new to Figma and didn´t even think this would be an issue since it looked so good while making everything! And now I need to have these images like tomorrow for a project but don´t have them bc of this really bad quality…

This image is when exported at normal quality

Is there anyway to export the frames at an actually acceptable quality (300dpi, to print it)
@Gleb You are always asking about the original file link, how do i get it? (or is it just copying it from the browser?) And could i send it privately instead of it being public? Thanks!

This one is at x2, but looks just as pixelated as the normal one.

Just copy the link from the browser.

I just tried exporting from your file and I don’t see any issues with it. So it’s more likely the problem of how you are viewing the exported file.

For print, you will need to use a DPI calculator (or do the calculations yourself) to set the correct export size setting. Get the size you want in millimeters, convert it to pixels with the DPI you need, then set the export size to the resulting number of pixels.

okay, I think it works just fine now!
Thank you so much Gleb, have a nice day! :blush:

hello everyone… i am new to figma. and i use to design my artwork. I have no interest in using as web/app design. Simple question - whenever i design something in figma and try to export it as PNG i want to select HIGHEST possible resolution but do not know how to set it before exporting. So when i exported it gave me a bad res png image around 300/500 px which is useless for me. Please advise.
thanks in advance

You can set explicit size for export:

Still seeing this issue. I’d share a link here…but I can’t post links

(vs a screenshot with the image at 100%)