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Export losing quality even using PNG and 2X higher

I am trying to use Figma as my main software to produce my designs.
But my frames are being exported with a bad resolution from Figma.
Exporting as PNG and even using 2X is not getting the full resolution as I see on Figma.

Anyone with the same issue?


Can you show an example of the bad export quality and the original Figma file link?

I have the same problem. Where could I find solutions to this?

Hey @Patrick6,

Can you show an example of the bad export quality and your original Figma file link?

The first picture is a screenshot taken at 100% in Figma. The second picture is the same frame but exported normally.

Even without this comparison I have the impression that the normal export is not crisp.

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Can you share the Figma file link?

Is there a way to share it privately?

Everything seems normal to me when exporting your file. At 1x I see some pixelation when viewing the exported image compared to Figma, but that’s because I use a Retina (high-res) display. Do you too? Or maybe you just use a custom DPI in display settings? You can enable pixel preview in Figma to see how the images would look like when exported:

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Yeah I’m having this same issue. All my png exports are super low res. It is with great shame that I’m installing Photoshop on this machine to finish my work…

I am having the same issue… created the exact same file in photoshop and it is a lot better. If anyone finds a way to fix it that would be amazing! I really want to be able to use Figma over photoshop

@Bretton_MacLean @Tayler can you share examples?

Here is the file exported from figma

And this is photoshop @Gleb

I am having the same issue. Downloading what should be a clear banner to my phone plus an additional series for phone and they are all majorly pixelated. This is definitely a recent issue, I’ve been exporting the same way for a year+.

Can you help?

You are definitely viewing the file at the higher resolution than it was exported.

The same issue - here is example

And it repeats on PC and mac. On 1x preview quality is much better

Yesterday all was good. Today tried to export some files as png or jpg but got them super bluery.
Any idea what can be done?

Please show examples.