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Export for Viewers

  1. My design team works on apps and digital system/components. We gave viewer access to developers so they can start building the experiences. They love the idea of inspect mode - without us providing anything the can just get the sizes. However where it is gets challenging is the export of assets. We would like developers to export/download assets themselves - so we don’t have to waste time as designers.

We don’t want to grant edit access to all developers, since we want prevent from developers editing the designs / moving elements unintentionally.

  1. Is there any way how you can add export options for viewers?

Thank you


Actually, this is the default behavior. But on paid teams you can disable exporting and other similar actions to viewers via this setting:

So to let developers export assets, simply add the checkmark to Allow viewers to copy, share, and export from this file in the Share menu.

P.S. Moving this topic to #product-questions as this already exists. Not sure how you even got 5 votes on this. :open_mouth:

Oh dear, didn’t know it is there. Probably I missed it when we upgraded to paid figma. Thank you!

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Is there any other way around this? We have the same problem but we don’t want to allow the view user to only be able to export and not share or copy.

There is no way, but you can vote for this suggestion: Allow viewers to only export, but not copy